Did you know that 2 million American homes will experience some kind of robbery within the year? If this sounds shocking to you, then you may want to consider getting security for your home. Proper surveillance makes you 300% less likely to get broken into than other homes in your area that don’t have any real protective measures at all. Not sure if you’re ready for added home protection? Here are 6 signs that you may be ready for wireless home security after all.

You’ve Been Broken Into Before

Whether it was a simple vehicle break-in while you were at work, or someone rummaging around in your garage in the wee hours of the morning, you know thievery can happen to you once you are a victim of it. If you’ve been broken into before, then you remember the sheer terror of knowing someone was in your car or on your property without your knowledge, and the frustration of not knowing how you can prevent this same thing from striking you twice. You can prevent future break-ins by getting a wireless security system that allows you to view your home at all times.

6 Signs You Are Ready for Wireless Home Security

You Live In A Prone Neighborhood

Some properties are located in unsafe areas that are more likely to get broken into than others. Perhaps your home is located at a dead-end road, which makes it easier for thieves to escape from cops on foot. Maybe you live in a neighborhood that has been hit by burglars several times in the last few months. If your neighborhood is not well-lit or you don’t have a fenced yard, this can make you susceptible to burglaries as well. Getting a wireless home security system can make your home less desirable for would-be thieves, even if you live in an area where this kind of illegal activity is common. Your wireless security company can give you flyers and lawn signs that you can place on your property to warn predators that your home is protected by cameras to keep them at bay.

6 Signs You Are Ready for Wireless Home Security

You Want Cheaper Home Insurance

Your insurance premium rate is largely reliant on how much of a risk you pose as a customer. The type of neighborhood you live in, breed of dog you own, and even security measures you take to keep your property safe can all affect how much you pay for home coverage every month. Having wireless security tells your home insurance company that you are in control over what goes on at your house at all times, and that your home has the true protection it needs. This makes you far less of a liability to them, which can also make your premium cheaper as a result.

You Have Dependents In Your Home

A dependent is anyone who cannot live in your home alone without assistance, be it a pet, grandparent, or young child. These residents need constant watchful care, and being able to wirelessly monitor their actions whenever you want is a convenience that allows you to do this. You can monitor care of children while they are being babysat, or keep an eye on pets to make sure they remain safely within your yard. In addition to simply watching rooms in your home for unsafe activity, you can also wirelessly connect to your fire alarms, be alerted when doors are opened or closed, and even check on the temperature in your home’s rooms to make sure your family members are always comfortable and secure. A wireless system provides extra security for family members that need it most.

You Travel Often

Most home burglaries happen in the summer, and for good reason. Many people travel during the summer months when their children are out of school, making them prime targets for a home invasion while they are away. Predators may already be watching your home for the next time you vacate your property for work or pleasure, and can strike your property at any time without proper security. If you travel often, be it for fun or work, you need to be able to wirelessly monitor your home for peace of mind. Your system can allow you to turn on lights in your house to give it the appearance that someone is home. You can also alert your security system company and let them know when you are out of town so they can keep an extra close eye on your property. While you are traveling, you can quickly browse your cameras for strange or illegal activity and be able to relax while you are away.

You Want Added Value To Your Home

There are many things you can do to increase your home’s value, such as adding fencing around your yard and remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Adding a wireless security system can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. Potential buyers of a home appreciate interior and exterior wireless security, so if putting your home on the market or just wanting to invest in worthy upgrades is your goal, home security is a wise choice. Your security company can help you choose the best wireless system for your budget and needs, so you can have reliable protection as well as make your home more appealing for selling or investment purposes.

6 Signs You Are Ready for Wireless Home Security

If you want to make sure your home and property are always secure, having a system in place that allows you to keep watch at all times is very important. There are many reasons to have wireless security installed on your property, whether you have small children you want to make sure are in good hands when you are away or you travel often and don’t want to leave your home vulnerable to theft. With a wireless system, you can log in and view your home’s cameras at any time, which gives you the peace of mind you need. If you can relate to any of these signs, talk to a security company and see how they can assist you in getting the protection you need.

6 Signs You Are Ready for Wireless Home Security

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